StellaHome Repeater - Series 1002

Baldwin Enterprises from Nairobi helps in distributing mobile coverage in your home. Using professional grade repeaters that are also EU compliant

StellaHome Repeater - Boost your home/office Mobile Signal
  1. The antenna on your roof receives mobile signal from all networks, and sends it down the cable to your StellaHome repeater.
  2. The StellaHome repeater amplifies the signal and sends it around your house.
  3. All your devices can now communicate with this enhanced signal.


  • Boosts mobile signal in houses/ small offices.
  • Coverage: ~4 rooms (see coverage below).
  • Compatible with all mobile operators.
  • Voice and data (GSM, 3G and 4G )
  • Simple and intuitive LED indicator.
  • No Sim card required, no extra bills.
  • Everything included for complete installation.
  • Legal and fully compliant to the EU standards.
  • Manufactured in Ireland.


There are several frequency options for the StellaHome repeaters. You can choose to boost just one frequency like 900MHz or all 5 mobile frequencies - 800/900/1800/2100 and 2600MHz.

  1. For home use, we recommend 1 or 2 frequency options.
  2. For business use, we would recommend 3-5 frequency options.

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