StellaHome Repeater - R4

Home Mobile Repeater with Touch LCD Display on offer from Baldwin Enterprises in Nairobi, Kenya

StellaHome Repeater - Boost your home/office Mobile Signal

The StellaHome R4 Repeater Kit with LCD is a great option for big homes and small businesses with up to 5 rooms that need coverage.

We install an antenna on the roof of your property to pick up a signal from all networks and send it down to your R4 repeater. The repeater then amplifies and distributes this signal all around your home or small office.
If the signal is strong outside the house, then you get to enjoy better indoor coverage. You also get stronger coverage if you have more open interior space.


  • Coverage: 2–5 rooms
  • Amplifies network for all major mobile operators
  • Protects the operator's network with feedback control and noise reduction technology
  • Supports unlimited numbers of users
  • Designed, manufactured, and tested in Ireland, EU
  • Full-colour touch LCD display
  • Manufactured in Ireland.


The R4 repeater typically boosts four bands:

  1. B20 (800 MHz): Suitable for rural locations with fast 4G speeds
  2. B8 (900 MHz): Great for voice calls in rural locations.
  3. B1 (2100 MHz): Best for slow but stable 3G data speeds and good quality calls, in urban locations
  4. B3 (1800 MHz): Ideal for 4G data speeds in urban locations

Provides better coverage with the lower frequency and better data speeds with the higher frequency

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