Stella Enterprise Solution

Boosts mobile signal for 15-100+ rooms

Baldwin Enterprises can help improve the coverage within your large building with multiple floors or huge open spaces. 

Good examples of businesses that can benefit from this solution include supermarkets, hotels, resorts, and commercial buildings hired out to numerous tenants.

When installing the Stella Enterprise Solution, we start by designing the best repeater system to ensure fast internet and quality voice calls from every nook and cranny of your building.

This is achieved by installing several antennas powered by smart technology and layering on LineAmps for extra signal gain.

Stella Enterprise mobile signal booster Repeaters - Baldwin Enterprises Kenya


1. Distributes mobile signal throughout the building.
2. Scalable solution for any sized building.
3. Services 5G/4G/3G/2G and quality voice calls.
4. Smart technology amplifies each antenna, ensuring full mobile signal in all areas.
5. Amplifies all mobile operators.
6. Supports unlimited numbers of users.
7. Monitored and managed remotely via the cloud.
8. Large LCD touch screen.
9. Online portal to plan and troubleshoot the repeater installation.
10. 5 year Warranty available with Pro Monitoring.
11. Designed, manufactured and tested in Ireland, EU.



Repeaters alone bring mobile signal about 50m into a building. For larger buildings where further distances are required, LineAmps can be installed. LineAmps add 20dB extra gain to the signal and this allows for an extra 100m of cabling into the building. This solution is suitable for larger buildings with multiple floors and extensive areas.

All devices are connected to the StellaControl platform where they can be remotely monitored and configured.

StellaOffice mobile signal booster Repeaters - Baldwin Enterprises Kenya

Pro Monitoring via the cloud

StellaOffice mobile signal booster Repeaters - Baldwin Enterprises Kenya

With Pro Monitoring, all iRepeaters and LineAmps can be managed and monitored remotely. Stella and /or the installer will monitor the performance of the system over time, and take corrective action in the case of any issues. Pro Monitoring clients benefit from an extra 2+ years Warranty – a total of 5 years.

HDR manual attenuators

StellaOffice mobile signal booster Repeaters - Baldwin Enterprises Kenya

The iRepeaters have new High Dynamic Range (HDR) manual attenuators built into them, accessible via the LCD panel and StellaControl. This removes the need to install physical external attenuators to control high powered signals, making the installation much simpler.

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